Saturday, 13 December 2014

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Friday, 4 April 2014

Scary moments in Guinea

Last Tuesday, when we were travelling in Guinea, West Africa, we came to a steel bridge that was completely blocked by a large, overloaded truck that had become stuck between two girders on the bridge. We used an alternative route. It was a pretty scary experience. Click HERE for the video...

a few pics...

Alice and Frederick teaching Loron children

Lord of the Rings extra


Visit from a group of wandering marabouts

Friday, 27 December 2013

Children's Outreach

Within the next couple of weeks a group of around 30 Loron children and young people in our village will be completing a series of 85 chronological Bible lessons. 

Pray for the Sunday school teachers, Serafim, Frederiki, Yozef and Alisi as they teach the children and explain the Gospel to them. Pray that many of the children will understand the message and trust Christ are their Saviour.

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Translation and Literacy Seminars - Nov '13

The last few weeks we spent in the village in Ivory Coast during November were pretty hectic, but, praise the Lord for what took place. Marina was able to spend a week with sixteen literacy teachers from numerous Loron villages,  bringing them up to date with all the new literacy materials and techniques. 

And then Pastor Matthew worked with a group of seven French-speaking Loron believers who will be getting more involved in the Loron Bible translation project. He taught them basic Bible translation principles and he was a very effective communicator. 

Please continue to pray for translation and literacy among the Loron.

Pastor Matthieu teaching Bible translation principles to Loron translators

Marina teaching Loron literacy teachers

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Photo Blog Spring 2013

A few photos from the past couple of months in Ivory Coast and Guinea, West Africa (click photo for larger image)...

Literacy in Ivory Coast
Got some new wheels to visit villages in the bush
Literacy with Joel in Guinea, West Africa
Luke's Gospel in Loron

Children's workers' training, May 2013

Football (Soccer) Evangelism

Seraphim, literacy teacher and children's worker

Ladies conference

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

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Photo Albums (2012) Senegal, Guinea, Mozambique, Burkina, Ivory Coast, N. Ireland (click picture below)

Friday, 29 June 2012

Return to West Africa

June 29, 2012
We are in the process of making final preparations for going back to West Africa. We have booked our flights to Burkina for July 14.
While we have been home we’ve had the opportunity to speak at dozens of prayer meetings and small groups in the UK and North America and we believe people have been encouraged and challenged as they have seen what the Lord is doing in West Africa. We met a lot of wonderful people along the way.  
On returning to Africa, in two weeks time, our immediate goals will be to get our vehicle back on the road, help a new missionary family to get their bearings in Burkina, and then travel to our village in Ivory Coast for a month to complete some checks on the book of Luke that we translated into the Loron language last year.
After that, at the end of August, we plan to begin a 3-month trip to various locations around West Africa. We hope to visit our missionary teams who are working in Senegal, Guinea and Liberia.
We would appreciate your prayers as we finish off our time here in the UK and as we return to where the Lord has called us to serve Him. It’s going to be difficult leaving family and friends again, but we know the Lord will give us the grace to cope when we need it most.
Thank you for your prayers and interest.
Continuing by His grace,
Paul and Marina

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