Friday, 10 December 2010

Disputed Election Results in Ivory Coast

The red/pink regions on the map voted for Ouattara; the blue for Gbagbo

The result of the recent presidential election in Ivory Coast has been
disputed and political confusion reigns in the country.

The Independent Electoral Commission declared Alassane Ouattara
[watara] to be the winner of the poll with 54% of the vote. However,
the current president, Laurent Gbagbo, refused to allow most of the
votes from the northern part of Ivory Coast to be counted, claiming
intimidation, and a constitutional court subsequently overturned the
initial result and declared Gbagbo to be the winner.

The UN, EU, African Union, IMF, World Bank and numerous individual
countries have stated their support for Alassane Ouattara. The Ivorian
military is supporting, at least for the time being, Laurent Gbagbo,
so, he is still the de facto president.

Both Gbagbo and Ouattara have been sworn in as president of the
country and they each have created a government.

Please pray for a quick and peaceful resolution to the current stalemate.