Saturday, 23 October 2010

IT Workshop in Gogo

Can you believe it? Last week we had our first computer training course in Gogo!

Five literate Loron men and women learned some basic computer skills, working mostly in Word. We were able to rustle up a number of second-hand laptops and we borrowed a small generator and power regulator from the village, and, hey presto, we had afternoon classes up and running.

At the same time we had a week-long seminar for new literacy teachers from a number of nearby Loron villages, and Marina also introduced a new numeracy course to some who had completed the reading course. We had a very tiring but profitable week.

We have now returned to Burkina to wait for the elections results in Ivory Coast at the end of the month. Pray for free and fair elections on October 31.

Loron Bible teacher, Donald, with his new motor cycle

Benoir with his pet monkey

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

October Events

Amazing cloud formations at the end of rainy season

 4 miles through tall grass on a narrow, bumpy track on the road from Gogo to Boba

Hovare Elijah giving a word of exhortation as Kyle is baptised

Kyle was baptised on Sunday along with 20 new Loron believers

Kyle, Leanne and Jennifer (Kyle’s fiancĂ©e) painted the school in Gogo as part of the aid4gogo project They also presented a new ball to the students.